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Tytec is a custom engineering design partner located in Edmonton, Alberta - the heart of Canada's energy resources. We specialize in cost efficiently taking your idea from concept, through design and review, and then supporting that design through construction and start-up.

We are a one-stop shop built to guide you along every phase of development - and we have a stake in seeing your project constructed with precision and brought into service based on a foundation of practical engineering design.

We Work With Companies of All Sizes

From the Fortune 500 to startups, we work with companies of all types and sizes. So if you're at a large company and need an outside team to get your project built fast, we can help. If you're a VC-funded startup seeking proven product design expertise, we're the go-to team in Canada. If you're an inventor who needs help making your world-changing idea a reality, Tytec will be your most valuable partner. Contact us today to get started.

Tytec has an innovative, dynamic workforce who delivers cost effective, creative design solutions to best suit the needs of our clients. This team comprises of highly motivated people with the relevant qualifications, skills, knowledge and vast experience in all sectors. This professional and highly qualified team, supported by general administrative staff and technical staff, ensure delivery of a superior level of service.


Site Title

"Safety is valued above all else.

Tytec is first and foremost committed to the health and safety of its employees, contractors, business partners, and clients equally. In all aspects of our business, what we walk past in is what we are willing to accept. Therefore, at all times Tytec personnel are empowered to immediately raise areas of concern involving the well being of themselves or of any other human being. All while expecting that those areas of concern are addressed prior to the work/services proceeding.

It is Tytec's goal to ensure that everyone goes home safely and to a clean environment. To this date Tytec has achieved this goal with zero incidents in the office and on site. Together, we must all strive to maintain this achievement one day at a time, one task at a time."

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